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Four ways to play DnD with yourself

So what if you’re a bit of a loner, or maybe just no one’s free to play with you DnD right now? I’ve got you covered.

#1 The WikiHow Method

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is a WikiHow article on how to play roleplaying games with yourself. It’s aimed primarily at six-year-olds however, so if you’re older than that you might want to move on to the other options.

#2 Play with an AI

Latitude has developed something called the “AI dungeon.” Type in actions to interact with a completely unpredictable text-based dungeonmaster in settings ranging from mystery to fantasy to cyberpunk. Unfortunately, it’s a bit like trying to play DnD by with your phone’s Google Assistant and the AI is more of a random word generator, which can sometimes break the immersion.

If the base AI isn’t working for you, one of the cooler features is community generated dungeons, like these:

#3 Play Beyond Zork: Coconut of Quendor

Alright, maybe it’s not DnD, but I swear, this game is just as fun as when I played it when I was twelve. Best of all, the folks at dosvideogames have put it online with an emulator and you can play it for free! And if you need a soundtrack, try this one from MC Frontalot:

#4 Play Baldur’s Gate 3

Okay, you gotta wait a while– early access isn’t even until September 30th–but Baldur’s Gate 3 will use DnD’s 5e rules and it looks like a blast. Developed by Larian Studios, some of you might recognize some game mechanics and features from Divinity: Original Sin 2, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that they’ll have a Dungeon Master mode like they did in Divinity so that you can play your own virtual campaigns with those pesky friends who are too busy or too far to meet in person!

If none of these work for you, you can always do what I usually do and procrastinate by re-playing Skyrim for the 100th time write fantasy novels and short stories. Whether you’ve got dice, a computer, or just some paper and a pen, adventure awaits!

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