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Growing up in a place where being too smart could get you beat up, writing was always the best escape. It was fun, and way make comments on society, work out my own thoughts about the world. I made this site for me and my fellow nerds to share our passions– take a deeper look inside NERD EMPIRE for interviews with concept artists and cosplayers, articles on the virtues of virtual reality, or take a peek at some great short stories!

There’s fun free stuff here on NERD EMPIRE, but if  you’d like to support some of my other writing projects, check out the links below for fun stories about a serial killers, psychotic sorceresses, and people who are into donkeys.

When a metrosexual man with a desperate need to shit encounters a serial killer along the 10 freeway, all bets are off! “The Killer 10” is here on this site, but it also appeared in Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread. All proceeds from the book are donated to an organization helping homeless people with mental illness.

If a bitter distrust of romance is more your thing, try Hearts and Other Dead Things.  It’s an anthology guaranteed to make you glad you’re single, or wish you were.  There you can find my short stories “The Number” about a man who calls a number scrawled on a toilet stall and gets more than he bargained for, “Sex in Santo Domingo” about… errr… donkeys… some twisted poetry, and a black comedy I co-wrote with romance author Catherine Lenderi “Romantics Anonymous”. The proceeds for this book go to an organization that supports women who have been trapped in indentured servitude in Singapore.

My largest project is a novel-in-progress, an epic fantasy-horror-comedy that I’d put in the “grim-lite” genre.  I’m in the editing stages, but I hope to be submitting to publishers soon.  I’ll have excerpts and promotional materials out soon. If you’re interested in beta-reading, please reach out!

NERD EMPIRE is a project of mine– J.R. Darewood– but it’s also a place where we can all write together.  Feel free to wordsmith a comment, or message me if you’d like to submit articles of your own.